Superiority vs. Understanding

This first blog post is kind of a rant.  We had a guest speaker in my Creative Technologies class on Monday and he brought up a point that people should not explain processes or steps in a complicated way to seem smarter, but rather simplify the language in order for others to understand.  He used this in a completely different context, but he reminded me of my troubles while trying to read academic articles that have a ridiculous amount of difficult words and phrases in just one sentence.  I have come across numerous articles, videos, ect. that have confused and frustrated me deeply.  I understand that academic writing should have good vocabulary and grammar, but some of these explanations do not make sense at all to me.  I have had troubles in the past with retaining information from what I read (which is slowly getting better), but I honestly have to read these articles over and over again, just to get a basic understanding of what I’m supposed to absorb from the material. Another thing about writing is recognizing your audience.  The articles available to us at the university are obviously serving a purpose to us students, but we are not all super geniuses.  This does not apply to every scholar, but I feel like many do try to show off way too much in order to sound smart or superior.  I also understand that university is more challenging in order to trigger your critical thinking, but there are a select few that are just plain difficult and ridiculous.  I feel like I could incorporate this point into my future teaching because young children are not going to understand the lesson if I throw in a bunch of complicated words and phrases.  The key is to teach in a way that everybody can understand and to create a safe environment for students to ask questions if they are unsure.  That is just my opinion, so feel free to disagree! Hopefully I keep up this blog and find more things to talk about!