A Productive Start to my Spring/Summer!

I am truly amazed with myself because I have managed to check off two of the things I wanted to get done after finals.  The first thing was to clean my room.  That room has been a complete disaster for so long and I somehow gathered all this motivation to clean it.  Now it is getting painted and is getting new flooring and I’m so excited! I think I’m starting to realize more that genuine hard work will pay off in the end… My decision to clean up that mess is resulting in a new, pretty and improved space for me to enjoy!  Another thing on my list was to read more.  I have been trying to read The Hunger Games trilogy for almost a year now and I’m halfway through the last book currently!  I used to read a lot and I miss the joy that it brings me!  The only downside to the start of my Spring is that I sprained my ankle AGAIN.  My clumsiness is ridiculous and it’s preventing me from doing the other things on my list, like exercising.

Ever since I got my acceptance letter into the Faculty of Education, everything seems so much easier and rewarding!  I’m even cleaning around the house more and actually cooking food for my family!  I’m excited to see my other achievements and goals unravel and I just know more great things will happen!


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