Blockbuster Past

In my ECMP 355 class, we took a look at this video:

It was only a couple years ago that we got rid of Blockbuster and I remember renting from there as if it was just yesterday!  It was quite hilarious to watch this video because it wasn’t too long ago!  It’s strange to realize that a part of our past is in history now.  Just like VHS players, walkmans, etc. from my childhood days, it’s all in the past!

The change from renting in video stores to renting and watching video content online could actually be beneficial to teaching.  Content becomes more accessible for us to use and you don’t have to worry about a limited amount of movies.  I believe that, we as teachers, should keep tabs on what is changing with technology.  Technology is changing the way we buy music, buy movies, and shop in general.  We are living in a technological age and we should embrace that by integrating it into our classrooms.  Children and youth students will be up to date with the latest advancements and if we involve these new ideas in lessons, I believe students will become more engaged and interested.


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