In the first week of ECMP 355, we had a glance at Ms. Cassidy’s blog with her elementary kids with edublog.  I found another blogging site for K-12 students called Kidblog, which is a free blogging website (run by wordpress) that allows the teacher to provide and manage blogs for each individual student.


There are no email addresses needed for the students, also!  All the students need to do in order to login is to create a username and a password! You can also allow guests (possible parents) to access the blogs and maybe write one in there.


Students can publish posts and engage in discussion on other student’s blogs!  You can use Kidblog to:

  • create classroom discussions
  • learn digital citizenship
  • practice writing skills
  • create an e-portfolio
  • reflect on learning
  • formatively assess writing

This blogging tool could be used for documenting progress for a number of things.  In Ms. Cassidy’s case, she’s using her edublog to document her 6 year old student’s progress with school work!  If you have a class of older students, you could start a learning project similar to ours in ECMP 355, where they document their progress with learning a new skill!  You could also use this tool to reflect on class content!  The possibilities are endless!

I started a test blog to check the educational tool out and it is fairly easy to figure out if you are familiar with wordpress.  It’s quite easier to operate than wordpress, actually!  The sign up process was quick and adding student users was even quicker!  Since the students have their own username and password, they can blog anywhere their heart desires!  Depending on what you want your students blogging about, this could be a huge benefit because they could document their achievements at home, also.  If school work is posted online, parents can easily go on the site and see the work a child has been done and the progress they have made.  It’s a very safe blog site, also!  The blogs are automatically set to private, so only classmates, guests and the teacher can see the space, unless the teacher chooses to make it public.  I definitely do recommend this blogging tool because it is a different way to display and demonstrate work done by a student and it teaches students new skills by introducing a new mode of learning!


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