Learning ASL: The Alphabet

Hello! This week, I’ve worked on learning the alphabet, with a few words thrown in there!  First of all, I started off with a video that went step by step with the hand placements!  I thought that this song would be great to teach the alphabet to any students, since it teaches the sounds of letters, also!

The song with this video was really fun, but I decided to try a different song about the ABC’s!  Here is the video where I learned how to sign the alphabet and some words:

I thought it was great to learn by song! It was very engaging and it made me excited to learn!  I also thought it was great that I was learning from a child!  It just shows that you can learn from anyone at any age!

Here is me doing the same thing for my video:

Just a few notes: The sign for quarter is just cent in ASL and the sign for van is car in ASL!

Since I got numbers and the alphabet down, it’s time to move into more challenging things!  Until next time!



One thought on “Learning ASL: The Alphabet

  1. Nice work on the videos – great to see you bringing in other resources and taking the plunge. Also, I’m quite impressed with what you’ve done with your blog so far – and the tagging is awesome! 🙂 Keep up the great work, Ashley.

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