Learning ASL: Pronouns

This week, I learned all about pronouns!  This is the video I learned from:

What I liked in his videos is the fact that he does the signs and says the word over again after explaining them.  I tried to do this in my own video a little bit.  I also like how he refers to the words he teaches you earlier on in the video to connect the word.  For example, he connects any and every to the word “thing”.

I’m definitely not comfortable in front of the camera yet, so I apologize for how incredibly awkward the video is! I’m hoping that these videos will also improve my confidence with presentations.  Before I filmed this, I got the same nervous feeling I get when I’m in front of a crowd of people, so this was a big step for me!  If you ever notice that I’m doing a sign wrong, feel free to correct me!  A lot of the sources out there tell you different things, and it’s quite frustrating! Well, that’s all for today! Thanks for reading!


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