Learning ASL: Colours and Family Members

This week, I focused on Colours and Family Members in ASL!  I was surprised at how easy colours were to sign if you already know the alphabet, so I decided to take on two lists of vocabulary!  Colours, most of the time, are signed with the letter that colour starts with.  For example, “blue” is signed like the “B” sign, but you shake it to make the word “blue”.  Family members were pretty easy to grasp as well because they built off of some of the pronouns I learned earlier.  For example “daughter” is the combination of the sign “girl” and “baby”.

Here are the two videos I learned from this week.

I’m trying to present the material differently each week and this time, I brought in a special guest!  I taught my roommate how to sign colours and family members and I quizzed her on them!  I still need to work on my presentation skills, but hopefully those progress after doing these a few times!

Thanks to Kara for helping me out with these videos!  Check out Kara’s blog!


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