Podcast/Mashup Assignment

For our podcast assignment, JQ and I decided to create a mashup!  We used Garage Band to make the song and we uploaded it onto Soundcloud.  This was my first experience with remixing and uploading content onto Soundcloud and I’ve definitely realized that mashing up songs is not easy at all!  We had difficulties with matching rhytghms, patterns, etc.!  I respect people that do this for a living now because it takes a lot of tech knowledge and patience!  Here is our short, attempted mashup!  The songs used are Royals by Lorde, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and I Wanna Go by Britney Spears.  It’s not perfect, but we tried our best!

podcast assignment


One thought on “Podcast/Mashup Assignment

  1. Good job on the mashup! I struggled hard with GarageBand, and what you came up with is incredible, knowing the difficulty to work that program! I’m sure you guys will get better with more practice! 🙂

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