Learning ASL: Things Around The House

The technology on my computer has been cruel to me lately… I usually edit my ASL videos on iMovie and it wasn’t letting me take videos from my iSight camera!  I figured this was because I updated my Mac to OSx Mavericks, so I went ahead and bought the new version of iMovie.  I was happy with it because the iSight camera was working, but once I came around to uploading it, I soon got frustrated again.  It was not uploading to YouTube properly and I still don’t know why!  I ended up converting it to a .MPEG file on my computer and uploaded it onto YouTube.  It took me two hours to figure everything out today!  I successfully and finally uploaded it to YouTube, so I am a happy camper now.

This week, I learned how to sign things around the house!  As I go along, I’m noticing that a lot of the alphabet shows up in words!  I’m proud of myself in this week’s video because I sound a wee bit less awkward in front of the camera.  Even when I was filming it, I felt less anxiety and more confidence!  This is great because one of my goals through this experience is to build up my confidence in front of a camera and to improve my presentation skills.


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