Zite As An Educational Tool

For ECMP 355 last week, I decided to check out the app called, Zite.  This app is pretty much like your own personal magazine because it shows you intriguing articles based on your interests.  I downloaded this tool on my iPhone a while ago, but I just revisited it to actually give it a try!  The app is free and can be downloaded at the App Store.  The sign up process was very fast and convenient!  Navigating is very easy to figure out, which is very beneficial.


You have a Quicklist of the categories you are interested in and you can navigate that way, or you can click on “Your Top Stories” to navigate articles from all of your interests.


You can customize the font size to your liking, which is pretty cool!


A great feature of this app is that you can post articles from Zite onto Twitter.


Unfortunately, it was not working for me and I am not sure why.  Anybody have any suggestions? I’ll try a different day and see what happens!


This tool would be great for students because they can search up a very global variety of material on politics, history, pop culture, anthropology, and many more!  Zite is a great way for students to explore their interests and share content to others.  This would be a great source for blogging material because there’s a bottomless pit of content, whether that be an opinionated piece or an educational source!  This is also a great tool for teachers because they can educate themselves about new and noteworthy information and upgrade according to that.  I looked at the Education category and there are tons of articles about ways of teaching and different approaches to use in the classroom.  There’s also a category for crafts, which is a dream for us Pre-K to 5 teachers!  This tool is just great for everybody because it catches you up with current events and new and upcoming ideas, trends, etc.  I think it’s beneficial for anybody to learn about global issues and content and I believe that this just opens up our minds to all sorts of ideas and practices!

Have you used Zite before? How did you implement this tool into the classroom?


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