Treaty Education

Claire Kruger’s presentation on treaty education was very interesting and inspiring. I think the thing that popped out at me right away was when she said, “we signed a treaty to share the land. Keyword: share”. Through technology, the students shared their ideas. The ways that these students expressed their learning of this concept was amazing and creative. It goes to show how historical content can be fun for students with the right tools. Another thing I loved was the fact that this program highlighted the fact that we are all treaty people and you don’t need a status card to be a treaty person. This creates a space of equality because this is a commonality among all students in the classroom.

The integration of technology was also very exciting for me. I learned a lot about educational technology last year in ECMP 355, but seeing some of these apps and technology tools come to life with young children is absolutely amazing. I’ve also had a strong interest in integrating technology into my future classroom, so these ideas are helpful!

How have you integrated treaty education and technology into your classrooms?


3 thoughts on “Treaty Education

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