Curriculum as Becoming

Becky and I decided to create a puppet-like stop motion video for our digital story!  We debated a lot of options before we stuck to this idea.  One idea in particular was that we were going to create a song or a poem out of the tweets our classmates sent over the semester.  This became difficult because the #ecs200 hashtag didn’t show all of the tweets.  We ended up basing our story on the things we tweeted throughout the semester as a guideline.  This was our first experience with stop motion, so it was quite nerve wracking at first, but I think it turned out great!  You can tell in the beginning that it was more of a puppet-style type and near the end, it was more of a stop motion video, although the entire video was stop motion.  I realized that stop motion is very time consuming and requires a lot of work!  We first started out using an app called “Stop Motion Studio”, but then we just took pictures on my iPhone and transferred them onto iMovie through iPhoto!  I hope you enjoy the video!  We definitely worked very hard to finish it!


The Door Scene

In ECMP355, we were asked to make a “door scene” using iMovie.

Here’s the description of the scene:

A person is about to open a door. The person hears a sound and becomes mildly concerned.
The person finds the door locked and searches for his or her keys. The person hears the sound
again and becomes visibly apprehensive. As the filmmaker, your goal is to build tension and
growing panic, using any visual element or device that you can think of.
The film closes with the person finally opening the door and getting to the other side safely.
Here, you want to communicate to the audience the character’s feeling of relief and safety.

JQ, Emma and I used sounds from a couple of horror movies in our rendition! The song featured in the beginning and the end is from Insidious and the cat sound is from The Grudge.  Here’s our finished product: