Love Yourself

As I patiently await my letter of acceptance/rejection into the Faculty Of Education, a lot of thoughts and questions rush through my mind.  I start thinking about what I’m passionate about and what I want to do in the future.  When I volunteered at the YMCA Day camps, we had a week just for the girls and a week just for the boys.  I was only present for the girls’ week and I thought this idea was brilliant.  We incorporated the Dove campaign into the week and it helped the girls reflect on themselves and their strengths.  I want to do something in the future to help young girls accept themselves and their bodies.  I believe that every young girl should focus on the things that they love about themselves to become comfortable with who they are and how they look.  Coming from someone who has had and still has issues with body image and self-esteem, I feel like I have a deep personal connection to these girls.  I wish there were workshops or programs (that I was aware of) to build self-esteem when I was growing up; maybe my personal issues over the years would have been minimized.  I don’t see my issues as a weakness, however, because I will grow and learn as time progresses and maybe I will become more comfortable with myself when I help others to do the same.  I believe there should be more workshops with young girls available because a lot of these girls will develop low self-esteems and body issues earlier on in Elementary school.  They need someone to remind them that they are beautiful, inside and out, and make them realize that they have unbelievable potential to succeed in this big world.  My mother would tell me that I am beautiful almost every single day, but a lot of other girls may not get the same support I received growing up.  I just really want to inspire change and happiness in youth today and ensure them that love is all around you.  This discussion is mainly about young girls, since I had the experience with Dove, but the same goes for young boys.  They may be insecure about themselves and they face as many challenges as the girls.  In my future classroom, I want to create a safe environment so my students could come to me in times of need or if they just really want to talk to someone.  I believe these positive relationships will bring you closer to your students and also help you grow as a teacher and as an individual.

“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror” – Byron Katie.